I D TECH™ SCAN has been developed by CANCOM for the Car Rental Industry and enables our clients to electronically authenticate, verify & capture details of the renter by scanning the South African Driver's Licence. Our system also caters for International Passports & Driver's Licences. This aids in preventing fraudulent transactions and enabling CANCOM to Redirect Traffic Fines to the correct offender. By doing so, the liability caused by Traffic Fines is removed from the Car Rental Companies and redirected to the correct driver of the vehicle. This system has been developed in accordance with the AARTO Act. Key Features:

  • Scan & Verify the South African Driver's Licence
  • Electronically capture RA Number & Vehicle Registration Number
  • Ability to capture images of International Passports & Driver's Licences
  • Verify over 240 country’s passports
  • Live Database
  • Web access to captured transactions
  • Electronic Traffic Fine Management & Redirections
  • User Friendly

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