Traffic Fine Management

CANCOM provides an automated turnkey solution for the management of traffic fine liability. The process is managed in accordance with the relevant timelines and scope of the relevant infringement whether it be a CPA or AARTO matter. We also have an array of ancillary products to compliment our fine management system providing us with the ability to ‘auto re-direct’ a traffic fine to the correct offender.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic fines with R0 amounts are - No admission of guilt fines- which means that the driver exceeded 30kmph over the speed limit. A summons is issued against this offence and the driver will have to go to court to request an amount.
In terms of the Criminal Procedure Act (CPA) a fine should be cancelled after 18 months if no summons has been issued. In the AARTO act however the traffic fine will remain live until the fine is either paid or redirected, should there be no proof of receipt from the RTIA's side in the given AARTO timelines, the fine can be disputed.
The Criminal procedure act allows for 2 redirections per offence, where the AARTO act allows for one redirection 32 days from Infringement notice.
Full name And Surname of the driver Residential address (Street number and name) Postal address Copy of the driver's acceptable identification e.g. I.D. document
Revocations take 21 working days; from date the status is updated as "Revocation pending” on the AARTO website before a result is issued
CANCOM offers a convenient online platform that allows you to register by ID number and displays all traffic fines related to your ID number
Electronic upload of traffic fines enables CANCOM’s clients to redirect traffic fines before the fine is posted in the criminal procedure act , as well as the fleet nomination process for AARTO that allows redirection directly to the offender within the first 32 days of the offence.
Yes, CANCOM offers Proxy as a service removing the liability form your organisations individuals. A contract between CANCOM and their client governs this relationship.
The criminal procedure act allows you to redirect a traffic fine up until 14 days before the court date, after which you need to go to the relevant court to submit applications to redirect. The AARTO act you have 32 days from an infringement for a successful redirection.
Yes, but contempt of court fees will apply.
Yes, CANCOM’s I D Tech™ Mobile Drive is an app that allows you to capture the driver information before and after your vehicle goes out on the road, allowing for an automated redirection - Please click here for more information.


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